More is More and Less is a Bore!

Checkout this inspiring documentary about style icon Iris Apfel, the 95-year old New Yorker is best known for decorating the rooms of nine U.S. Presidents, and for her more-is-more approach to personal style.  She has single-handedly elevated dressing and accessorizing to an art form.  This incredibly entertaining and colorful film makes me want to worship at the altar of this brilliant, determined icon.  Directed by Albert Maysles the film covers a variety of smile producing topics.  Here are some of my favorite moments:

  • “No rules” is her golden rule.  She says why bother? She’d only break them! 
  • Tips on shopping, Iris finds treasures in all kinds of interesting places – from swap meets to Palm Beach vintage shops and everything in between.  She haggles like a champ and opens your mind to a whole new frontier in shopping.
  • She is a rare find.  Iris is a completely unique individual with a bright light of creativity, and inspiration shining through.  She makes you feel good just watching her.
  • Her closet is the "blob," which makes me feel so much better about my own.  Her clothing and accessories can’t be contained to one closet, one room or even a single residence.  It’s alive, and growing!
  • It’s never too late to be a cover girl – here’s hoping! Checkout her cover and photo shoot for Dazed.

  • The secret to longevity just might be LOVE.  See her adorable interactions with her husband, Carl, whose 100th birthday makes the film.
  • Iris dispenses valuable advice on plastic surgery and other subjects on aging.

Watch the trailer below.  You can see the full film on Netflix.

The Most Costly Wedding Planning Mistakes Happen in the First Six Weeks of Planning

You are engaged and beyond happy!  Now, the fun (and stress) of planning your dream day begins!  But before you get that ball rolling, consider this:  the mostly costly wedding mistakes happen in the first six weeks of planning.

Why?  The biggest decisions with heftiest price tags are made by couples in a mad dash to secure the wedding date.   Before they even know what happened, a couple can agree to contracts that haven’t been negotiated, and ad-ons and upsells they don’t needed.

So why not get professional event advice at the very start when the financial consequences are the greatest?  For whatever reason, many couples and their families mistakenly think that event planning is a luxury they can’t afford. They think event planners have grand visions, and run up the budget with add-ons and extras.  If anything, they would consider hiring a “same day planner” to help with last minute details.

What they don’t realize is:  an experienced event planner can save them 10-20 % on their overall event budget, which is an item.  Plus, they will help identify the best vendors to execute their vision.   And, many event planners will provide this service for an hourly consultation fee with no strings attached or expectation for future commitment.

For a relatively modest upfront investment of say 4 to 5 hours of an event planner’s time, the couple will start off with a realistic budget in hand, and a group of vetted vendors who will expertly execute their vision at a fair price. 

Professional planners, particularly those with both wedding and corporate events experience are a good choice when selecting an event professional.  Knowing the ins and outs of the vendor game is key.  You want a skillful negotiator who is impervious to the upsell, and has a network of vendors that extends beyond the wedding industry to keep things competitive.

If you get nothing else from this….remember…when vendors hear wedding bells, they see dollar signs and there’s nothing that they love more than an unrepresented couple who is eager to sign up for everything they are selling.   Be smart and negotiate or better yet get someone in your corner to guide you.  You might just have money left over to help with a down payment on your first home!