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M+G delivers high quality communications solutions performed by veteran strategists and creatives. 


Brands become great brands when people start saying they're great. That's what we do. We get the right people talking you up. Here's how.


Strategic Planning

Brand Messaging

Media Relations

Social Media

Reputation Management

Awards & Recognition

Writing & Design

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There’s a strong urge and a thousand temptations to click and move on. We create content that makes you want to stay.

Video Production

Graphic Design


Website Development

Marketing Outreach


Pop Ups


Press Conferences


Grand Openings

Client Entertainment

Fundraising Events

Employee Events and 
Team Building


Events are dynamic 3-D experiences that invite people to spend time with

your brand. We handle the details so you can play host.

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Ways to Work Together


Best for clients at high-risk to reputation or facing significant competition. 

Advantages: M+G acts as an extension to the client’s in-house team sourcing media opportunities, writing communications, media training executives, and mitigating reputational issues before they escalate.  

Services: High-level communications counsel and strategy, proactive and reactive media relations, tactical execution, and 24/7 crisis intervention.

How it Works: A senior-level PR specialist with industry-specific experience heads the team. Annual contract is billed monthly.  

Burst Campaign

Advantages: These are multi-faceted, intensive campaigns focused on achieving one specific goal.  

Services: The campaign is created around a big, bold, original idea and includes communications strategy, media relations, partnership development, event planning, social media, graphics, and video production. 

How it Works: Burst campaigns are 3 to 6 months is the duration. The scope of work determines the flat project fee.

Best for clients who desire a tactical opportunity that creates significant exposure over a short duration like a product launch, grand opening, pop-up, or media tour.

By The Project

Design, video, and writing projects are billed by the hour. Event planning services are a flat project fee.  

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